Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Hello Teatristas!

What do 7 Playwrights, 7 Directors, 4 Scholars, 2 Administrators, 2 Producers, 1 Designer and 20 Actors all have in common? 

They were all in Los Angeles, California at the LATC on Sunday, July 1st for the first LA LATINO THEATRE MEETING of 2012!  That's 43 Latino Theatre Artists, Administrators and Advocates -- all committed to taking steps towards building a national latino theatre network! 

We will be sharing the notes, ideas and next steps generated at the meeting -- ON THIS BLOG in the next days.

For now, ENJOY THESE PICTURES of the meeting. They are of the breakout groups charged with brainstorming around four areas of a new network:  ORGANIZATIONAL MODELS,  ARTISTIC FIELD,  ONLINE/SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCES and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS! 

Meeting @ the LATC Theatre 3 (7/1/12)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Posts & Quixote

Hola!  There I was, inviting folks to post their photos, projects, thoughts, etc., and then I found out that in order to post, you need to have "Author" status!
No problem!  Please either post a comment in response, or "Follow" this blog and we'll invite you to Author!
I just sent out emails to folks that are already Following ~ If you haven't received an invitation and would like to, please post here, or email Olga directly: olga@milagro.org.
A quick shout out to Rose Cano, whose play, "Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: Homeless in Seattle", will be read by the eSe Teatro ensemble at ACT's REPRESENT!: A Multicultural Playwright's Festival this month.  If you're visiting Seattle July 18 or 22, do check it out.  In this photo, our dear friend Jose Carrillo as Quixote...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Adelante 2012!

At the Latinos in Theatre lunch gathering during the TCG Conference, Boston 2012, we agreed on the importance of staying in touch in order to support collaboration, share information, strengthen our community, make better art...

Latinos in Theatre, you're invited to post your picture, describe your work, or your goals, your theatre, whatever you’d like to share!  No message is too brief...

Just to get the party started (and because I don't have a photo of our gathering in Boston), above is a photo of the Miracle/Milagro staff, taken at our most recent holiday party, December 2011: Olga Sanchez AD, Miracle MainStage), Dañel Malan (co-founder & AD, Teatro Milagro), José González (co-founder & ED), Daniel Moreno (Prod. Assistant, TM), Estela Robinson (Prod. Manager), Andrew Phoenix (former TD, now on tour with his Wonderheads project), and Tim Krause (Marketing Dir.). Friends, if you're ever in Portland, please visit! We'd love to continue the conversations in person...

What inspires you?

Just as a re-cap, below are ideas that emerged from our lunch conversation (previously posted in Conf 2.0 on 22 June 2012):

Excellent meeting today, w/ intergenerational reps from all over the country, at lunch.
First a celebration of the sustainable longevity of our Latino companies, 20+, 30+, 50 years old ~ very unique in the US and ethnic-id'd field, something to shout about!

~ With the growing demographic of Latinos in the country, new interest/support has been generated as at a recent DC meeting with allies in Latino Theatre Commons, a project connected w/ Howlround (Anne Garcia-Romero, David Dower, Tlaloc Rivas, etc.)
~ This support is welcome, but not to forget that the work has been ongoing for decades, with a history of community-based as well as foundation support, and by the dedicated commitment of the artists and leaders who have forged paths and inspired all of us for years.
~ Important for this community/gathering to maintain communication, start one-on-one, share conversations w/ Conf. 2.0
~ What do we want? Connection, collaboration, sense of achievement, better fabric, lift the circle...
~ There's a history of political foundation, this has transformed over time.  In some ways, theatre is itself inherently political ~ a forum of ideas manifested in art. 
~ LATC hosting a 10-play festival, welcomes all to attend!  Recommendation that regional artists be invited to participate in creative process (not just as observers)
~ LATC also strongly contemplating an institute, to providing training.
~ Hip Hop Theatre Fest (NYC) offices open, committed to providing opps.
~ Persistence in following the dream pays off (internship, accountant jobs, sound board op, can eventually lead to positions of greater responsibility/impact)
~ Individual Artists Collective very interested in finding training opportunities as well as mentorships ~ an exchange of contact information is important.
~ Contact list of this meeting's attendees will be published along with relevant websites ~ take a look, let's learn about each other's work ~ and visit when possible!  Individual artists (and all) are encouraged to articulate their creative visions and goals.  Ultimately it's about the art. 
~ We have the resources, we have spaces, we can do this. We are doing this.

We are the future, now. Gracias everyone!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chicago 2010

A reunion and meeting of folks in Chicago! This is a quick post only to acknowledge its life. Summertime and time to think about what we're up to... what are we up to? TCG conference, lots of good conversation, thought provoking and fun. Latino Theatre Fest in Chicago, what a tremendous thing engaging so many artists, shining a light.

Am trying to figure out how to let folks know this blog exists and we might have a way to communicate around the country about Latino theatre, new works, strong teachers, opportunities to collaborate... giving it another shot this year.

Abrazos a todos

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a shout out...

It's late and I need to get to sleep, but just wondering how you're all doing? What are you working on? What are you excited about, what's challenging, what's cool?

I'm working on Canta y no llores: El Dia de los Muertos Festival for Miracle. You can visit our blog for a peek at the thinking...

Best wishes and abrazos to you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi all:
Olga thanks for posting this and for the pic in which we all look muy cool. I was surprisingly inspired by the conference and delighted to meet with all of you on our own. I'm currently writing down some thoughts and when I finish I'll post them though they do not relate to Latino theatre per se but to the way in which independent artists can get their work out into the world and create an economic model that can sustain them. More food for thought. Also, it's so important to encourage our new generation of artists to write for the theatre and to tell our stories in the most universal of ways. We all know this but we have to repeatedly say it, right?